Market Metrics

We provide unique insights into the world of Web 3.0 through data science

Integrated Solutions

We provide data analytic integration and white label tools that allow our partners to gain competitve advantage by having a deeper understanding of the movement of digital asset values. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform and algorithms run automatically with little manual intervention while they dig deep into a large number of metrics and sales data in order to detect trends and anomolies that keep you ahead of the rest. 

Digital Asset Market Analytics

Our expertise in the area of data science and analytics provides insights into the digital asset markets that allow our clients to make better informed decisions. Our multiple metrics track the flow of funds and the movement of NFTs allowing you to  identify new collections, tokens, and trace transactions in order to discover opportunities before the others. 

Real Time NFT Screener

Our NFT ranker and screening tool is driven by our AI algothithm, which provides a "real time" ranking of NFTs making moves. An incorportated screener allows you to filter based on your preferred criteria. Includes:


√ Our proprietary AI score

√ No. of unique owners

√ Floor prices

√ Sales Volumes

√ RealTime

Market Sentiment Metrics

Our market sentiment indicators are based on breadth of the market. They tell you whether or not the overall market activity of NFT trading is bearish or bullish. Includes:


√ Advancers vs. Decliners

√ New highs vs. New lows

√ Collection Activity Monitor

√ Total Sales Volume

√ Total Daily Transactons

Custom Dashboards

We have developed customized dashboards for larger collections and DAOs that provide management tools for their digital asset holdings. This enables better informed decision making.

Collection Pulse

We show you which top collections are driving market activity and how they are performing Includes:


√ Top collections

√ Collection Perfomance

√ Daily average prices

√ Daily sales volume

√ Daily transaction volume

√ Collection distribution


Social Media Metrics

Our proprietary social media engine allows you to track the impact of your Twitter and Discord marketing and media efforts. Contact us for more infomation on what we can develop for you!

Whale Activity

We track whale activity, also known as "smart money" so you can see what they are currently buying and how they are performing. Includes:


√ List of top whales

√ Wallet profile

√ Collection distribution

√ Purchase history

√ Sales history

√ Asset allocation

√ Whale performance