Metaverse Market Summary

A summary of sales over the past year for the main Ethereum-based metaverses

Daily Transactions

Here you can find a market summary for the Ethereum-based metaverse ecosystem. We are considering the six metaverses available on our appraising tool that are Otherdeed for Otherside, Decentraland, Sandbox, Voxels, Somnium, Substrata, plus we consider Worldwide Webb Land and NFT Worlds. Data are aggregated by day (considering the last month) and by month (considering the last 12 months).

Daily volume

Below are graphs summarising the daily volume traded over the past month. Then the average price for each collection and the distribution of daily transactions v.s. average daily price of each collection.

Monthly Trades by Project

Volume Distribution

Monthly Transactions

Monthly Trades by Currency

Volume Distribution

Trades Distribution

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