The Metaverse

Discovering real value in the Metaverse  through data analytics, powered by artificial intelligence

The first metaverse property appraisal tool powered by artificial intelligence!

Metaverse Property Appraiser

The first of its kind virtual land appraiser powered by machine learning algorithms. Our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms crunch a large amounts of data relating to traffic, parcel interests, previous sales data, current land values and much much more. The algorithm learns from every purchase and sale in order to attain a fair value for a parcel or estate. 

The goal is to take massive amount of data across the metaverses and make it more usable, providing better insights to perform and enhance better decision-making. 

Supported Metaverses

Whale Analytica
Whale Analytica

Custom Views and Heatmaps

Whale Analytica

Land View

The land view provides a heatmap that highlights the size of properties from single parcels to the largest estates.

Whale Analyitca

Custom Views

We provide custom views in order to visualize metaverses according to specific metrics, such as traffic patterns (Cryptovoxels), which can have an impact on land values.

Whale Analytica

Trading View

Our trading view identifies the difference between the current asking price and the floor price to quickly highlight parcels with large deviations. 

Whale Analyitca

Value View

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm analyzes a large number of metrics and quickly identifies opportunities by highlighting parcels for sale at below fair value (green) and separating the overpriced parcels (red).

Whale Analyitca

Last Price View

The last price view provides the last sale price of a parcel vs. the 7 day average sale price.

Whale Analyitca

Flip View

The flip view provides the sales count per metaverse in addition to the number of times a parcel has been flipped.

Whale Analytica

Property Filter

The property filter allows you to sort through different parcels using criteria of your choosing. Our proprietary AI engine calculates the fair value price of parcels, according to a number of parameters, and calculates the potential upside with respect to the current price and activity.