Using our Metrics

We provide you with several dashboards and controls to watch the markets under several different angles

WhaleAnalytica applies state of the art technology for data processing, analysis and visualization driven by Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed in Academia.

Real Time NFTs Ranking

  • This table provides information regarding the top collections based on supply information, unit transactions and sales volume as well as the number of current unique owners.
  • The table also serves as an NFT screener. Hover over a column and when you see three lines, click and you can filter. You can also sort the data high to low with the arrows.
  • We have incorporated a proprietary AI score based on a number of selected data points that provides additional insight.

Market Sentiment Analysis

  • Advancers vs Decliners are presented in ETH as well as USD. It is a breadth indicator that presents the number of completed transactions that have advanced or declined in price compared to the previous period.
  • New Highs vs New Lows is a breadth indicator which presents the number of completed transactions that reached an all time high price or all time low price.
  • The Collections Activity Monitor provides data about the number of NFT collections with a minimum or maximum number of exchanged units daily.
  • The Total Sales Volume is presented in ETH and USD and provides the aggregated sales volume of transactions for a given period.
  • The Number of Daily Transactions tracks the number of completed transactions that have taken place of a given period.


  • We provide the top ten “Whale” wallets for a given collection. These are based on the total number of tokens held and the total value of those tokens in ETH.
  • The Whale Asset Allocation chart provides a visual depiction of Whale holdings based on Average Price per piece held, the estimated total value per collection held as well as the number of tokens held per each NFT.
  • The Purchases and Sales History tracks the number of purchases and sales made by the chosen Whale.
  • The Wallet Size per Whale is presented in a map form which visualizes the distribution of holdings among collections.

Collection Pulse

  • The Collection Pulse provides data and information regarding an individual collection. We provide performance indicators such as; Floor Price, Average Price, Number of current owners and sales volume.
  • We provide charts that present daily average price fluctuations, daily sales volume in ETH and USD, the number of daily transactions and the number of top holders, in addtion to the variations in a 24 hour period.


  • The Dashboard section provides a number of indicators that cater to the needs and requirements of each associated Collection, Holder or DAO.
  • These are customised and only accessible per individual client login.

WhaleAnalytica leverages the transparency of the blockchain to provide real-world data and unique insights into the Web 3.0 digital asset market.

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